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About Adam Montandon

Adam Montandon is an expert in Digital Futures, and a specialist consultant for creative businesses. He co-founded the digital production agency HMC Interactive in 2003.


In 2005 Adam Montandon founded the HMC MediaLab Organisation, a future focused digital arts community. In just 2 years HMC was named as one of the top ten showcase technology companies with the Best of British award.


In 2007 HMC Interactive was acquired by Twofour group, the largest media company outside of London. For 7 years Adam Montandon oversaw the research and development of countless innovative and unusual projects, designed the future focus of the company.


In 2009 Adam Montandon had the fantastic title of Head Of Imagination working across the whole of the Twofour group, working on a range of projects for TV, the web, and real world digital installations.


Also in 2009 Adam Montandon was awarded the position of President of the Europrix Multimedia awards in Austria, the largest awards of its kind in Europe. The Europrix is the Multimedia Oscars, encouraging entries from over 33 different countries and hundreds of different universities across Europe.


In 2010 Adam Montandon left HMC Interactive and TwoFour to become an independent specialist.


Adam Montandon graduated from the University of Plymouth’s cutting edge Medialab Arts course with a First class Honours degree in 2003. Adam then studied at the UK’s Institute of Digital Arts and Technology and was awarded a Master of Science with distinction in the field of Digital Futures in December 2004.


Adam Montandon is heavily involved in the creation, design and production of cyber-architecture for public spaces, theme parks, attractions and events around the world.


Adam Montandon consults and develops interactive concepts for companies like 21st Century Fox, MTV, Cadbury, CERN, Aardman, and the BBC. Adam has presented digital artwork at top London gallery Tate Britain, the exclusive Port Elliot literature festival and the Jools Holland show among others.


Adam Montandon has lectured at numerous universities and colleges across the UK including the prestigious Royal Institute of Science, the ICA in London, Watershed in Bristol, and internationally at MipTV in Cannes, Transmedial in Berlin, ICE08 in Toronto, Canada, and has been the keynote speaker at countless events including Legoland innovation conference in Denmark and the Europrix at Kunsthaus in Gratz. Adam has also been the subject of documentaries around the world, including the award winning “Cyborgs and Stem Cells” for Research TV, Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, and even the Richard and Judy show in the UK.


Adam Montandon’s unusual and innovative projects have won international acclaim. He has won First Prize at Submerge 3 years in a row. In 2004 his Cyborg project won the prestigious Europrix award, Europe’s biggest digital media award. Adam Montandon also received the Being Digital award for academic achievement. Adam Montandon has also won many Media Innovation Awards over the past several years, including Overall Winner in 2009 with Twofour broadcast for his work on medical special effects show Make My Body Younger, and in 2008 he was awarded Outstanding Contribution to Innovation with his company HMC Interactive, and again in 2007 he was awarded Grand Prize for Innovation.


Adam Montandon’s work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and TV programs around the world. His most recent contribution was to the National Bestseller The Science of Everyday Life by Jay Ingram, out later this year.


Adam Montandon’s current projects include The Overload Club in Denmark encouraging young students to get involved with multimedia for medical care, an environmental multimedia project in Kenya, and the designing and creation of a brand new creative shopping experience that may just be the most interesting shop in the world.